Customers’ Feedback

Comments from some of our customers;

  • Before using its Performance module for our annual appraisal and the resulting rewards (bonus and increment), we needed 15 sittings of our Management Committee before coming to our decision. Since using the AgathaeHR Performance module some 4 years ago, we need only 2 sittings to arrive at our decision. A tremendous savings of time and efforts, and considering the heavyweights on our Management Committee, this is really huge.
  • We used to use a leading global HRIS and was experiencing a lot of disjoints amongst the various components for payroll processing like overtimes, claims, medicals, employees’ repayments and leave. This resulted in a great deal of time-consuming works in collating data from these various sources and keying them into the payroll system. Besides the time and efforts needed each month, there was also the issue of the accuracies of the data, which inevitably led to a great deal of contentions with employees. With AgathaeHR, all these components are fully integrated with Payroll. As a result, the monthly payroll processing is fully automated, saving time and resources, besides being practically error-free.
  • When I was told of Agathae’s claim that it always complete its project on time and within budget, I was sceptical. But when the company completed our HRMS project, a huge 15-module monster, in 6 months, I was impressed. Today, 2 years down and having used AgathaeHR and experienced its support services, I am a convert. Pretty impressive HRMS and a very well-run organization.
  • For us, payroll processing was a “need-to-do chore” and a payroll system merely a program to churn out our monthly payslips. This was until we started using AgathaeHR and found that it is a software that helps us manage our people cost. The detailed analysis AgathaeHR provided on employees’ emolument (salary, allowances, overtimes, expenses, benefits etc) allows us to trim and cut down on the unnecessary and brings much savings. It is investment well spent.
  • With AgathaeHR, we have been using employee self-services (ESS) since 2007. With ESS, employees and their supervisors very much manage their own leave, claims, overtime, training, travelling, appraisal and some administrative chores, with little or no intervention by us at HR. Besides increasing productivities, this has also freed HR to look into the more important areas of skill and talent development, talent retention, and other employee engagement initiatives.
  • AgathaeHR carries the tagline, “HR for and by HR” to underlines its intuitiveness in operation and easy administration. I can vouch for this claim, having used the system for more than 5 years. Almost from the outset, all administration tasks related to creating and changing users, organization structure, employee entitlements, workflow routes, reports and et al are handled entirely by HR, without intervention by IT or vendor. This is a far cry from our previous HRMS where many of these tasks needed either IT or the vendor, causing much delay and cost.